Introduction to Wine 1

This beginners course is the perfect way for wine lovers to develop their knowledge and appreciation.

Whether you're a novice or enthusiast, there’s always something new to learn in the multi-faceted world of wine.

Introduction to Wine 2

Build on the foundations of our Level 1 course with an in-depth look into winemaking, terroir and viticulture.

Ideal for Level 1 graduates (in which case you’ll receive a $20 discount) or wine lovers with an intermediate level of knowledge.

Wine Pairing Classes

This interactive and informative class is the perfect occasion for wine lovers to get together and be guided by our resident experts through a range of delicious pairings.

Join us for a relaxed and social approach to understanding how to taste and appreciate wine.


Indulge your senses with our experienced educators and fellow wine enthusiasts. In each masterclass, we take a single subject and explore it to the full.

Topics range from Champagne and sparkling wines to flavours of the world and wine blending 101.