Tasting Panel

All wines offered by The Wine Society must pass the exacting standards of our rigorous tasting panel.

Comprising winemakers, show judges and Masters of Wine, our panel is extraordinarily experienced. If wines don’t pass the panel, they don’t make the cut. Simple as that.

All wines are selected based on quality and value for money, and are tasted blind so fancy labels and reputations are of no influence.

This allows us to guarantee that members receive only the finest wines.

Ian McKenzie

Ian McKenzie is regarded as one of Australia’s most senior wine judges and is a Wine Society director. He was a tutor at the Len Evans Tutorial and has held winemaking positions at Seppelt and Southcorp, where he was instrumental in the development of Seppelt Salinger and Penfolds Yattarna.

Rob Geddes MW

Rob was the third Australian to become a Master of Wine. He is a renowned wine consultant, presenter, judge, educator and reviewer. He is also the author of the Australian Wine Vintages book and A Good Nose and Great Legs: The Art of Wine from the Vine to the Table.

Toni Paterson MW

Food and wine have been lifelong passions of Toni Paterson. Initially trained in biotechnology, Toni quickly made the change to winemaking after studying a Masters in Oenology. With six vintages under her belt, including a stint at Penfolds, Toni travelled to Europe where she worked marketing and promoting Australian wine.

Greg Melick

Greg is a respected wine judge and has been a member of The Wine Society since 1971 and a director since 2003. He is the owner of Pressing Matters, a multi-award winning Tasmanian vineyard, and has been instrumental in setting the styles for The Wine Society’s own Tasmanian wines.

Kate Day

Kate Day runs her own wine consultancy where she draws on her experience in the wine industry over the past 13 years. She has a degree in viticulture and winemaking, and has worked as a winemaker at Willunga 100 in McLaren Vale as well as at other wineries around the world.