Interview: Clovis Taittinger


Clovis Taittinger
Export Director

As his name might suggest, Clovis Taittinger is not only the Export Director but is a member of the Taittinger dynasty. We learn more about this iconic Champagne House.

What makes Champagne Taittinger different from other Champagne Houses?

Champagne Taittinger stands out from most other champagne houses for our family ownership, our approach to sourcing fruit and our dedication to a Chardonnay dominant style.

The independence of being family owned is a real benefit for Champagne Taittinger. Our family link gives the brand a real sense of identity and offers us the opportunity to make the wines that we feel define our history and our passions without compromise. The focus on quality and heritage is paramount in everything we do.

We also source half of all parcels of fruit used for our wines from our own vineyards throughout the region. We feel this gives us better control on the quality of the fruit that goes into our wines allowing us to nurture our vines in just the right way to bring out the best in them.

Our decision to use Chardonnay as the lead in our Champagnes comes from a desire to create wines with a delicate elegance that really sets them apart in the marketplace. It offers a refreshing structural guideline and an unsurpassed vibrancy that results in the perfect Champagne for any occasion.

What is your favorite champagne from the Taittinger range and why?

Tricky question…I obviously love all of them, but it is maybe with the Prestige Rosé that I have the closest relationship as it is very often my choice to enjoy at home…with cheese, Charcuterie or simply scintillating company - it has made many nights very special!

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