How to enjoy wine

Have you ever...

  • Been completely overwhelmed at the thousands of wines in a bottle shop and as a result "reached for the one you always buy"?
  • Wondered what the medals on the front of a wine bottle mean? Are they real?
  • Misfired when opening the bottle of bubbly?
  • Been wine tasting and not know what to do nor how to do it?

You′re not alone! The "How to" hints and tips below have been designed to take the mystery out of enjoying wine and help you feel confident in choosing, serving, storing and tasting wine.

How to Choose Wine  - a helpful guide to help you navigate through the thousands of wines available. Great tips on things to keep in mind, wine shows and getting help from wine experts.

How to Taste Wine - guaranteed to help you expand your horizons. This section takes you through a step by step guide to tasting wine: Look, Swirl, Sniff, Taste and Spit.

How to Serve Wine - look like a pro at your next dinner party. Hints and tips regarding serving temperatures, how to open wine, wine decanting and wine glassware.

How to Store Wine - knowing the optimal way to cellar and store wine will help you get the most out of your collection. Featured in this section: how to cellar wine, how to start a cellar and options for storing wine.