Changes at your Wine Society

We’re excited to let you know that The Wine Society's members voted overwhelmingly to approve the Board’s recent recommendation to move to a new operating and funding arrangement, securing The Wine Society’s future.

In addition to providing financial stability, the vote in favour of the new model significantly strengthens the organisation.

The plan involves moving our day-to-day operations to an existing entity, TWS Wholesale. This allows us to work with investors (Australian Wine Finance) to set up our new operations and financial structure without impacting the co-operative model of The Wine Society.

The Wine Society co-operative retains an equity interest in the new operating and financing vehicle, TWS Wholesale, but continues to operate separately as a not-for-profit co-operative just as it has done for the past 70 years.

What this new model means for you:

  • You remain a shareholder and member of The Wine Society, Australia’s original wine club. There will still be an election each year for Directors of the co-operative.
  • You will see an expanded and more consistent range of wine offered through our regular newsletters, emails, and Personal Wine Advisor services.
  • The Wine Society will continue to operate its highly regarded Tasting Panel, which will endorse all wine purchases by the wholesale business on behalf of members. This represents an important continuity in The Wine Society’s ‘Quality Guarantee’.
  • You will continue to place your orders and receive your wines in the same way you currently do, through The Wine Society co-operative.
  • The Society will continue to present its programme of wine education courses and social events. We now have the capacity to expand our reach to more members across Australia than ever.
  • We are now able to support and engage with the industry at a far more meaningful level than we have been able to in recent times due to financial constraints.

Ensuring The Wine Society will grow and prosper

This decision enables us to focus on creating a sustainable model for growth – delivering the best possible offerings for members, at very competitive pricing.

The Wine Society continues to enjoy the support of the Australian wine community, and is held in high regard by the industry. We will continue to engage with premium producers, large and small, to identify unique products, and offer members wines not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Now in our 70th year of operation, The Wine Society is Australia’s original club for wine lovers. The approved changes to our structure see your wine club well placed to look forward to its centenary – and move with all the strength and resilience it needs to meet the challenges facing this competitive and ever evolving industry.

Questions or feedback. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us:

Yours sincerely,

The Wine Society

John Love

Peter Wheatley
CEO / Secretary